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My entrance into the sport of racing pigeons was at the age of 14 in 1964. I won my 1st race in the old birds of 1965 winning 2 - 300 mile races back to back weeks with the same pigeon. From that time to now I have never missed a season of flying and this is my 46th year in the sport. My biggest interest in the sport has always been breeding and flying the 400 and 500 mile races. I've tried a lot of different strains of pigeons in the process of finding a family that would consistently win through 500 miles. The Family that has proved to be the most consistent especially on tough days is the Devriendts. Most of the families I have tried could win 100 to 400 miles and a majority of them could even win at the 500, provided the weather was decent. However on head wind days and days when it was hot and humid most of them would fail. On those days especially at the distance races, only a few birds would be clocked and that's when my Devriendts would be my first and sometimes only birds home. This was the deciding factor on eliminating the other families that I have flown over the years. For overall consistency and toughness "The Devriendts" are the birds. When I became interested in flying young bird futurity races I tried crossing other strains in with the Devriendts for a little extra speed, and most of them did very well, however I found extremely good results with the Hofkens. So I have settled on two strains of pigeons "The Devriendts and Hofkens" and that's where I am today. Along with the racing I have judged racing pigeon shows in four different states and have served every position in club and combine including president since 1974.

Charles and Nita Lee

Charles is the operating partner of Team Catskill USA based out of Mississippi.
He is a neighbor of Roy Necaise and functions as an evaluator of young grizzles
with regard to new matings. Charles does assist in the selection of major (1) loft entries
and signs off on each candidate chosen

Charlie Lee
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