LFL Foundation birds History
The two foundation pigeons for my loft are WWC 95 1969 Blue Bar Hen and OHF 95 0558 Red Check Cock purchased from Campbell Strange. 0558 had a tragic ending at a very young age, however prior to that 0558 and 1969 produced SMRP 98 5625 Red Check Cock which was a terrific racer all the way through 500 miles but more importantly a top breeding cock. He has produced a 1st place 300 mile futurity winner 10 minutes out front winning $5000, also a 2 x 500 mile winner (SMRP 01 0656). The 1st 500 mile win was a day with only 3 day birds and 0656 won it by 1 hour, the 2nd 500 mile win was a tough headwind day with no day birds and he clocked in at 7:00 am the 2nd day again beating the 2nd place bird by 1 hour (this race was a combine race beating 2 other clubs). In 2007 I sent 2 youngsters front 0656 to futurity races 1 took 2nd place at the Texas Center Convention $100 1 loft race with only 4 day birds winning $5000 including pools, the nest mate went to a 350 mile futurity race winning $1500. Another son in 07 won 6 diplomas flying in 7 races in the old bird series, 1 diploma was a 3rd place on a tough headwind 400 with only 4 day birds. He took 5th on the 500, again a tough headwind day with no day birds. (He did this as a yearling).

 I sent 2 Devriendt youngsters in 2008 to futurity races. One took 2nd on the Midwest One loft 300 mile race and 15th overall average speed. The other a son of 5625 finished 7th and 13th on the IRACE and Gold race with only 17 day birds. I now have 6 sons, 3 daughters, several grandchildren, 4 brothers, and 3 sisters in the breeding loft. In 2008 old birds 5625's sister produced a 1st and 2nd place 400 mile winner and also a 1st place 400 mile winner on the next 400. 5625's linebred grandson produced a 3rd place on the 500 mile race with no day birds. WWC 1969 the Dam of "5625" produced winners with every cock she has been mated to. She is truly a prepotent hen, her children and grandchildren have won in at least 5 different states from 200 to 500 miles.

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